A highly efficient uav vtol glider with flexible payload capabilites developed by a student team at ETH Zurich.

Vertical Take-Off and Landing
Start and land everywhere like a helicopter.
Most larger UAVs need runways, catapults and nets to be used. In contrast, PacFlyer can take-off and land virtually everywhere with no additional infrastructure because it can hover like a helicopter. After take-off, PacFlyer can fly larger distances as efficient as a fixed wing airplane.
Capable of carrying various sensors from surveillance to precision farming.
With its extensive payload capabilities, the pacflyer framework is ideal to carry various sensors in order to prevent and monitor critical situations. Applications range from precision farming to law enforcement.
small goods to remote locations without human intervention.
Fast delivery of critical goods or documents by airmail is cheap and efficient without active human involvement.

We have a vision of a world where small aerial robots help people. Our application szenarios are limited to civilian applications only. In the pursuit of this goal, a team of eight students developed an aircraft during a so called focus project at ETH Zurich. The project is a pure teaching and not a research project taking place during the academic year 2012/13. The team consists of six mechanical engineers from ETH and two electrical engineers from ZHAW Winterthur. The project will be completed with the presentation of a technology demonstrating prototype to the puplic at the 28th of May at ETH main building. We hope, you are as enthusiastic about this future as much as we are!

Latest News from our Project

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